China Tops U.N. Watch’s 2020 List of Human Rights Abusers

Human rights group U.N. Watch announced its list of 2020’s worst human rights abusers and topping the list is China.

China “herded 1 million Uighurs into camps, jailed human rights activists, crushed Tibet, silenced courageous men and women who sounded the alarm on the coronavirus—like Dr. Li Wenliang and citizen journalist Zhang Zhan—and suffocated freedom in Hong Kong,” the nonprofit group, which is “dedicated to holding the United Nations accountable to its founding principles,” said.

Ten nations were listed for torturing, imprisoning and starving their own citizens. They were also called out for killing political dissidents and persecuting people for religious reasons.

Behind China, the list includes Iran, Cameroon, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Turkey, North Korea, and Russia, respectively.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jackson Elliott