Montana’s inauguration prayer shifts into election criticism

A prayer given before the inauguration of Montana’s state auditor shifted from asking for wisdom, discernment and integrity into criticism about the November elections and a wish that President Donald Trump would remain in office.

“It made me very uncomfortable,” Auditor and Insurance Commissioner Troy Downing told the Montana State News Bureau. “I did not review nor approve of the content nor do I agree with many of the sentiments. My expectations were simply blessings, a prayer for wisdom and respectful dialogue.”

The prayer, given by Eric Jacobs, said: “The corruption in our government is rampant,” asks for “the wisdom to see beyond the lies of the giant propaganda machine that is working against us,” and prayed for God’s power to “be with us in overcoming this Deep State.”

“We pray that the electoral votes would be thrown out in every state that ran a dishonest election and that the rightful president would be in office for the next four years,” the prayer continued, finally asking that President Donald Trump remain in office.

“Commissioner Troy Downing categorically denounces many of the statements at today’s swearing-in ceremony,” Downing’s spokesperson Sam Loveridge said in a statement. “Mr. Jacobs was given three minutes to pray for our nation, state and for the Downing family — not to deliver a political message.”