Pakistani Christian Families Return Home After Violent Threats Over Facebook Post Forced Them to Flee

People from the Christian community attend a protest, to condemn suicide bombings which took place outside two churches in Lahore, in Karachi, March 16, 2015. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

Hundreds of Christian families have returned to their homes in the Charar neighborhood of Lahore, Pakistan, after threats of violence over a Facebook post forced them to flee.

On Dec. 22, Pakistani Pastor Raja Waris published a Facebook post that some Muslims alleged was blasphemous. It’s unclear what the post said, International Christian Concern’s South Asia Regional Manager Will Stark told The Christian Post. Once people describe a post as blasphemous in Pakistan, people stop sharing it and take it down. If they leave it up, they will likely be targeted by violent Islamists too.

“[The post] could say something as benign as ‘Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior; He is the final prophet.’ Even if he said something like ‘Jesus is God,’ it could be considered blasphemous,” said Stark.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post, Jackson Elliott