West Virginia Health Officials Mistakenly Gave 42 People Regeneron IV Covid Treatment Instead of Vaccine Shot

Dozens of people in West Virginia were mistakenly given Regeneron’s Covid-19 antibody treatment instead of the Moderna vaccine, the West Virginia National Guard announced Thursday.

The state’s National Guard said 42 people received the treatment, which is given intravenously, at a vaccination clinic staffed by the Boone County Health Department. The National Guard said it learned of the error on Wednesday.

Everyone who received the antibody treatment instead of the vaccine, which is given via a shot in the arm, have been contacted, Julie Miller, an administrator for the Boone County Health Department, told CNBC by email. She added that “we do not believe there is any risk of harm.”

Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody treatment, which needs to be administered through an IV drip, is seen as a promising treatment for Covid-19 — especially when administered early on in the course of infection. But the mix-up in West Virginia is just one example of confusion in the rush to distribute the vaccine to tens of millions of people. The rollout has been slower than expected and marked by logistical challenges.

“It has been determined that this was an isolated incident,” Miller said. “All of the affected individuals will be offered the COVID-19 vaccine today.”

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Source: CNBC