New Year’s Eve Canceled

It has been a brutal year around the world. But even if revelers are keen to see the back of pandemic-overwhelmed 2020, the continued coronavirus threat has led to cautious and muted New Year’s Eve celebrations worldwide.

In Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand and one of the first major international hubs to cross into 2021, thousands thronged the streets, and a fireworks display from the landmark Sky Tower lighted the skies as the clock struck midnight. Unlike many other nations, New Zealand has beaten back the coronavirus.

“We are very blessed to be in New Zealand,” Taufau Aukuso told the NZ Herald as she celebrated with her teenage daughter. But such a sentiment isn’t evinced in other parts of the world.

Even in neighboring Australia, which has not experienced the same scale of covid-19 cases as Western Europe and the Americas, the iconic Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations were scaled back, and only a few hundred people were allowed into the harbor. Photographs showed areas teeming with people last year now largely empty under new coronavirus-related restrictions.

“In the end, Sydney made the most of a bad situation,” the Sydney Morning Herald noted in an article, pointing to new covid-19 cases in the state of New South Wales, of which Sydney is capital. Melbourne, Australia’s second-largest city, had canceled its fireworks display.

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Source: SF Gate