In Texas, Coronavirus Hospitalizations Break July’s Record as Infections From Christmas Gatherings Loom

AUSTIN — Texas has set a new record for how many of its residents are in the hospital because of coronavirus, with 11,351 as of Monday.

The previous high of 10,893 was set on July 22. Twelve of Texas’ 22 trauma regions now have high hospitalization rates, triggering an automatic dial-back of restaurants and businesses to half-capacity, from 75%.

“It’s almost universal across the state,” former state health commissioner David Lakey said of the current wave.

Hospitalizations because of COVID-19 have been steadily growing since about a week after Thanksgiving, he noted.

“Obviously, when we hit a new record it is alarming and you have to take that very cautiously and thoughtfully,” said Lakey, now vice chancellor for health affairs and chief medical officer at the University of Texas System.

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Source: Dallas Morning News