Charlotte Pence Bond on Are You Overwhelmed by All These Transitions? Here is the Best Solution.

This past year has been one of intense change. It is difficult to remember the earliest months of 2020, because they seem so far away. When the coronavirus hit the United States in March, it felt like our world became an alternate reality and we were stuck in a new way of living, wondering what each day would bring. This year has been a time of consistent, unforeseen change.

And even now, our country is going through another transition – not just from the coronavirus, but the presidential election. People on both sides of the political aisle have expressed anxiety about the results of the election, but Christians should remember that God is in control, and He is the one who places leaders in positions of authority.

The stress from the effects of this year might have made us question where our peace comes from. But true peace cannot be found in a job, relationship, political party, or social status. It is found in Christ and trusting His plan for us, even when it is unclear.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Charlotte Pence Bond

Charlotte Pence Bond is the New York Times best-selling author of Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President along with two other books in the series. Her first solo book, Where You Go: Life Lessons from My Father (Center Street) was released in October 2018 and reveals lessons her father, Vice President Mike Pence, has taught her. She is a current contributor to and her work has been published in The Washington Times, Glamour magazine and featured in US Weekly, among other major media outlets. A graduate of DePaul University with a BA in Digital Cinema Screenwriting and English, Charlotte contributed writing and production skills to the Emmy Award-winning documentary Fleeced (WFYI Productions). Charlotte currently attends Harvard Divinity School where she is a candidate for a Masters in Theological Studies, with an emphasis on religious themes in literature and culture.