95-Year-Old Woman Threatened With Eviction For Socially Distanced Chats With Granddaughter

REDONDO BEACH (CBSLA) – Every other week, Rozanna Handrich stands on the sidewalk and looks up to her grandmother’s balcony at her Redondo Beach apartment complex.

It’s often the only social interaction 95-year old Klara Kharkats gets now that she stays inside to protect herself from COVID.

“So it’s just her sitting in a room,” Handrich said. “I get sad just thinking about it because I can’t imagine what it’s like to just sit by yourself all day long.”

Rozanna would bring her small children into Klara’s apartment.

“I even had all their toys set up at her apartment so they wouldn’t get bored there,” she said. “I would just sit with her for a few hours every weekend.”

But when COVID hit, Rozanna and her family members decided it was too risky to meet indoors.

“We are just really scared to get her sick,” she said. “None of us want to be the reason anything happens to her.”

For months- Rozanna has visited with Klara this way – Klara on her balcony, Rozanna below on the public sidewalk. They usually would meet around noon, after her grandma was up and dressed and before nap time for Rozanna’s kids.

Last week, Klara got a notice from her apartment manager, which read “we have received complaints regarding excessive noise coming from your unit…Please have your guest come and visit inside your unit.”

The note then ended with “continued violation of your lease ruled and regulations will result in further action which may include eviction.”

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Source: CBS