Nashville Bombing Suspect Identified as Anthony Quinn Warner by Police Sources

The suspect allegedly behind the Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville has been identified as 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner, two law enforcement sources confirmed to Fox News.

Authorities believe Warner owned the RV that exploded in downtown Nashville early Friday, sources said. He also is believed to be deceased from the blast.

Human tissue was found amongst the debris left behind by the explosion, and investigators will be conducting DNA testing.

Metro Nashville Police Department Spokesman Don Aaron confirmed Warner’s identity to the Associated Press on Sunday. He did not provide any more details. However, Warner had experience with electronics and alarms, according to public records.

Warner was believed to have lived at the home in Antioch, Tenn., searched for several hours Saturday by the FBI and several other law enforcement agencies. The home address on Google Earth shows the same RV parked in different places on the property dating back several years.

It appears to be a “lone wolf” situation, but the motive remains under investigation. Authorities do not believe the city of Nashville is in danger.

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Source: Fox News