e3 Partners Launches “Field Stories of Hope”: Reminders of How God is Working Around the World

This has been a discouraging year for many, and sometimes the darkness and negativity can seem to overshadow God’s peace and hope. In light of this, e3 Partners launched Field Stories of Hope, a series of short, encouraging articles from those serving God around the world.

Jeff Johnston of e3 Partners explains the motivation and purpose of these stories.

“When the pandemic started, there was a lot of sadness, negativity, and loneliness. We wanted people to know that God was still moving in the midst of all this [and] good things were still happening, not only in spite of this but because of it,” he explains.

“This whole Field Stories of Hope initiative was birthed from that idea of ‘we need to make sure people know God is still working.’”

One of the stories featured is a great example of this. Migrant worker *Rohit came to Christ and had a leadership role in a local church. When everything shut down because of the pandemic, Rohit traveled 700 miles to reach his home village. He shared his faith, and many people came to know Christ. Rohit has planted 10 house churches so far.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Rachel Pfeiffer


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