Beyoncé Donates $5,000 Each to Families Facing Eviction

As President Trump threatens to veto a coronavirus stimulus package that would extend the nationwide eviction moratorium by a month, among many other measures, the clock is ticking for families facing eviction or foreclosure at the end of the year.

Just days before Christmas, however, Beyoncé has opened her pockets yet again to deliver a holiday miracle in the form of $5,000 grants for those in need.

“The housing moratorium is set to end on December 26th, resulting in mortgage foreclosures and rental evictions. Many families are impacted, due to the pandemic that resulted in job loss, sickness and overall economy downturn,” the foundation said in a statement. “This holiday season, while many are stressed with what they will do next regarding their housing, we are proud to share some GOOD news.”

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SOURCE: The Hilll, Anagha Srikanth