1 person went to work sick; ensuing outbreak killed 7 in Douglas County

Earlier this month in Douglas County, one person who was sick went to work, and later tested positive for the coronavirus.

Within two weeks, that one action led to two subsequent outbreaks. The first killed at least seven people, nearly 20% of the county’s total COVID fatalities since the pandemic began. The second forced more than 300 people into quarantine.

The county would not say where the person worked, but Douglas County county officials are calling such decisions “super spreader actions,” and they’re sounding the alarm to prevent more from happening.

It’s a nuanced twist on super spreader events, where people knowingly ignore public health guidance to gather in large groups, said Bob Dannenhoffer, public health officer in the county. With super spreader actions, it can boil down to one person’s choices.

“The latest and most concerning trend is that we are seeing cases where residents are choosing to go to work and school when they are still sick,” he said in a statement. “We can’t even imagine the tremendous remorse these people are feeling right now, and we sympathize with them.”

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Source: Oregon Live