Christian Author Joel Rosenberg Reports Reactions from Civilians Over ‘Miraculous’ Arab-Israeli Peace Deals

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch and an Arab delegation at the Western Wall, Hanukkah 2020, Western Wall Heritage Foundation

After a week of reporting from the United Arab Emirates,  Christian author Joel Rosenberg last week reported from the Kingdom of Bahrain on dramatic new Israeli Peace Deals.

In his latest article from the Middle East on All Israel News   , Rosenberg said: “And while it’s getting very little attention in the international media, I can tell you the big story here is that one new dramatic peace deal after another is being forged in the Middle East and North Africa.

“First came the UAE. Then Bahrain. Then Sudan. And suddenly Morocco has become the fourth Arab country to make peace with Israel in just four months.”

“Call them Hanukkah miracles,” said Rosenberg. “Call them Merry Christmas presents. They certainly bring joy to many in this region.”

Rosenberg said: “Everyone I am interviewing in the region is excited and astonished by how rapidly peace with Israel is breaking out — and we expect more Arab and Muslim countries to make peace soon, possibly with Oman and even Indonesia.”

To put these historic events in context, Rosenberg did an exclusive interview with the United Arab Emirates foreign minister at his home in Dubai. He gave Rosenberg so much material, that he ran three stories.

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SOOURCE: Assist News