Troubling Details Emerge as Ethiopia Restores Communication in Tigray

(Photo courtesy VOM USA)

Ethiopia’s military has claimed no civilian deaths since hostilities began in the Tigray region last month. However, Ethiopian doctors tell BBC News a different story. Two physicians who escaped the war zone report multiple civilian casualties.

Tensions between Ethiopia’s government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) came to a head in early November. Several weeks of armed conflict followed, sending thousands of refugees to neighboring countries. According to the latest UN update, clashes continue despite the Ethiopian government’s claim in late November.

Officials restored some communication services in Tigray earlier this week, blaming a cyberattack for the blackout. The European Union postponed a $109 million aid payment to Ethiopia due to a lack of humanitarian access in the conflict zone.

“One of the challenges right now is to understand what’s happening,” Voice of the Martyrs USA spokesman Todd Nettleton says.

“Getting information out of that area is very, very difficult, even for my coworkers here at Voice of the Martyrs.”

Eritrea’s involvement in the Tigray conflict poses another problem.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for believers stuck in the conflict zone. Ask the Lord to protect them from potential threats.
  • Pray for peace, and pray for discernment as government leaders decide how to move forward.