Museum of the Bible Ready for Christmas Visitors With ‘Follow the Star’

It’s Christmas at the Museum of the Bible, though things are a little different this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The moment you walk in, you receive a warm welcome with the breathtaking “Follow the Star” exhibit in the museum’s Grand Hall. Intricate light sculptures, digital displays and music all come together in a beautiful retelling of the Christmas story. A giant Star of David is at the center of this exhibit.

Also back by popular demand this year is renowned sculptor Tim Schmalz, whose sculpture “The Nativity” was just unveiled.

The sculpture reveals “Mary, Joseph, and Jesus together in a way that though they’re distinct individual figures, they complement and harmonize together,” explained Schmalz. “A scene of absolute joy and love.”

Or how about a taste of international culture with the museum’s “Christmas in Malta” exhibit? It includes 10 handmade nativity scenes all crafted in Malta, a centuries-old tradition there constructing elaborate landscapes called “cribs.”

Museum CEO Harry Hargrave hopes anyone who’s in the area will stop by.

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