Grammy-winning singer Lizzo surprises her mother with a ‘brand new Audi’ for Christmas

Grammy Award-winning singer Lizzo gave her mom a big, early present for Christmas this year.

On Sunday, the singing sensation shared a video in which she surprised her mother, Shari Johnson-Jefferson, with a sparkling new Audi, complete with a red bow on its hood.

“Got my mommy a brand new Audi for Xmas,” she began in her caption for the clip.

“I remember crying in my car when my daddy passed, no job no money nowhere to live, wishing I could one day provide for my family,” she continued. “I couldn’t do it for my dad so ima make sure I spoil Mama. Happy holidays y’all.”

In the video, Johnson-Jefferson hugs her daughter while thanking her and saying, “You see these on television, but you never expect it to happen to yourself.”

The Instagram post got over 3 million “likes” from fans and Lizzo’s celebrity friends, who celebrated the sweet gesture.

“Yessssss,” fashion designer Christian Siriano wrote.

Siriano dressed Lizzo for the Billboard Music Awards this year. The custom dress had the word “vote” all over it just 19 days before the 2020 presidential election.

Lizzo’s memorable Billboard Awards speech, delivered at October’s event while nabbing the trophy for top song sales artist, captured all of her flavor and audacity.

“I just want to say, I’ve been thinking a lot about suppression and the voices that refused to be suppressed,” she said, “and I wonder, Would I be standing here right now if it weren’t for the big Black women who refuse to have their voices be suppressed? And I just want to say right now, if you’re at home watching this, and you are thinking about changing yourself to feel worthy, this is your sign to remain true to who you are.”

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