‘UK’s coronavirus plague mutation is on a plane to JFK’: Cuomo slams ‘reprehensible’ inaction as US ‘continues to let in six UK flights a day’ despite Britain suffering 70% more contagious ‘Super-coronavirus plague’ – and Europe banning all UK flights

Andrew Cuomo on Sunday slammed the ‘reprehensible’ inaction as the United States ‘continues to let in six flights a day’ from Britain, where a new coronavirus strain is spreading.

The New York governor told reporters: ‘Right now, this variant in the UK is getting on a plane and flying to JFK. Right now. Today. Literally six flights a day. And all it takes is one person.’

Authorities had earlier said they were looking ‘very carefully’ into the virus variant spreading in the United Kingdom, while indicating that a ban on travel from there was not currently in the cards.

Cuomo called the US inaction on the new strain ‘reprehensible’ but Moncef Slaoui, chief advisor to the government’s Operation Warp Speed vaccine program, told CNN’s that US officials ‘don’t know yet’ if the variant is present in the country.

‘We are, of course… looking very carefully into this,’ including at the National Institutes of Health and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he said.

At the moment, he said, no strain of the virus appears to be resistant to the vaccines available. ‘This particular variant in the UK, I think, is very unlikely to have escaped the vaccine immunity,’ Slaoui said.

‘I don’t think there’s any reason for alarm right now,’ agreed Admiral Brett Giroir, the US official overseeing coronavirus testing, when asked about the new variant on ABC’s The Week.

The US currently bars most non-American residents who have been in Europe in the previous 14 days. Those restrictions have been in place since March to address the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly all of Europe still bans most US travelers from visiting, while Britain allows American visits but requires a two-week quarantine on arrival.

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Source: Daily Mail