Nurse mom of 13-year-old boy who died from coronavirus after violent coughing fit reveals graphic photos of his blood sprayed on a hospital wall as she urges Americans to take the pandemic seriously

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Peyton Baumgarth (pictured bottom) died on October 31 when he suffered a severe coughing fit in the ICU at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St Louis, Missouri. The 13-year-old had asthma and a thyroid problem and had started showing symptoms six days earlier. His mom Stephanie Franek, 44, had taken him to the hospital on October 29 after his nailbeds turned blue and he struggled to talk easily. Six weeks later his aunt also died from COVID-19. Franek released the harrowing images (left) showing the aftermath of her son’s final moments as she begged people to take the pandemic seriously.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail