Archbishop Justin Welby Says People Should Attend Church This Christmas Unless They Are Vulnerable to Coronavirus

While British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the start of harsher restrictions in London and southeast England in an attempt to prevent the spread of a more infectious variant of the coronavirus, the archbishop of Canterbury said Christians should go to church on Christmas unless they are from a vulnerable group that is “more at risk” from COVID-19.

Asked if he still thinks churches are the “safest places going” during the pandemic, as he had said last month in reference to attending Christmas services, Archbishop Justin Welby told The Times (of London): “I would say, yes, go to church. Or go online. If you’re vulnerable, if you’re more at risk, then it’s going to have to be online.”

In an interview on BBC’s “The Andrew Marr Show,” Welby again stressed that seniors and people with comorbidities should not feel compelled to attend Christmas services.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anugrah Kumar