Top Christian Sites To Find A Born-Again Soulmate

God uses the internet, too!

Being a born-again Christian is a privilege and an honor; but that privilege comes with a straight and narrow path. “Come out from among them,” the scriptures adjourn. Those who have given their all to Christ are not on the open dating market. A born-again Christian looking for a soulmate should seek another whom has also given their heart to the Lord.

As one D.C. area pastor noted, “To born-again Christians, faith in Christ is not just an aspect of someone’s personality, such as their favorite color or flavor of ice-cream; it’s the most important thing in their life. Jesus is their life.” What we’re getting at is this: looking for love might not be quite as straightforward as it is for secular folks, or even for “regular” Christians. Being born-again means committing to a new existence, and finding the person who shares that with you might require opening yourself to new ideas…such as finding that person online.

Despite being two decades into the 21st century, some still feel there is some kind of stigma attached to meeting your soulmate online. We’ve heard too many say they just can’t bear the idea of telling people “I met him/her online” as the answer to “So, how did you two meet?”

No doubt: the internet is filled with evil. Satan and his temptations lurk near most every URL, but what can be used for sin can also be used by God! After all, we’re sinners, yet Jesus works through us – why can’t He work through the World Wide Web? The answer – of course – is that He can and He does. The next question is simple: What are the best places to find Christian singles online?

There are hundreds of places to find Christian singles online, but as we noted above, you’re looking for more than just someone who goes to church. Sure, the stats say nearly 80 percent of Americans are “Christians,” but you need sites that help you find someone who lives their faith. That said, you might be surprised to hear us recommend a site like, which is not an exclusive Christian dating site.

Why might Match or other “open-to-all” sites work?  Well, there are two main reasons. One: these sites have hundreds of millions of members. And two: A mega site has some excellent tools to help separate the wheat from the chaff. By searching with keywords, you can type in “Christian,” “Born-Again Christian,” “faith,” or “religious,” and winnow the numbers. Some sites even let you use a scale of one to 10 to rate how important something is to you. If you have “devout born-again Christian” set at ten, you’re unlikely to get messages from or get matched with folks who don’t walk with Jesus.

Some of these large sites limit their members to folks between the ages of 35 to 50. But if you’re over 50, however, and are open to the Spirit working in “mysterious ways,” there are several excellent “over 50” sites. Not to put people in boxes, but generally, those of us over 50 have been through the fire. Overcoming and persevering for half-a-century might make you what the world calls “traditional,” but we’d rather call “tested.”  Sites for 50+ folks also often have services that offer you 10 profile picks per day – which are very, very carefully selected just for you and based on what you’ve told the site you’re looking for.

Not to get all preachy, but one little word of warning. If you’re searching for a partner just because you don’t want to be alone; give your motives some prayerful consideration. Signing up for a dating site as a born-again Christian should mean you feel the Lord wants you to seek out a partner whom, God-willing, will eventually join you in that most sacred of covenants – blessed marriage; as God intended it – one man and one woman, united in love and faith as they wander through this world of woe before moving on to life eternal.

Click this link for a ton of great reviews of other sites. Several are exclusively for committed Christians. Take eHarmony, for example. Founded by a Christian psychologist, this site harnesses technology and science as tools for the Lord. Members are given an online personality test that fine-tunes preferences, beliefs, core values, compatibility and more. Answer truthfully and God-willing a match that shares your passion for the Savior of your soul could become your soulmate for life…and beyond!

As Ephesians 4:2-3 tells us to walk, “With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” We sincerely pray you are granted the gifts of patience and humility as you search for your bond of peace.