Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Says His Bout With Coronavirus is ‘Probably’ Connected to Cramping

Lamar Jackson believes there could be a link between his cramping issues in Monday’s win over the Browns and his having COVID-19 earlier in the season. (AP Photo/David Richard)

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson believes there is a connection between his cramping Monday night and his bout with COVID-19 over the past month.

Asked Wednesday if the cramping was related to having the coronavirus recently, Jackson said, “Probably. Probably because of the body heat and we’re running in the cold. It was so cold out there. That probably had an effect on that as well. I can’t call it.”

Jackson tested positive for COVID-19 on Thanksgiving and acknowledged that he experienced flu-like symptoms. Team officials said Jackson was “hit pretty hard” by the coronavirus, and the quarterback said he spent most of his 10-day quarantine sleeping before returning to the team Dec. 6.

During Monday’s dramatic 47-42 win in Cleveland, Jackson was in the locker room for the first 13 minutes of the fourth quarter because he had cramping in his throwing arm and both calves. He returned for the final two minutes to throw a 44-yard touchdown pass to Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and then put Baltimore in range for Justin Tucker‘s winning 55-yard field goal.