Pastor Andrew Brunson Says Believers in America Need to Prepare for Coming Persecution

U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson and his wife Norrine arrive at the airport in Izmir, Turkey October 12, 2018. REUTERS/Umit Bektas

Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was detained for this faith in Turkey for two years on trumped-up terrorism and spying charges before being released in October 2018, told CBN News recently that persecution and harassment toward Christ followers in America is about to intensify in many ways and that Christians should be ready for it in the coming months.

“Jesus said this would happen,” Brunson says. “Just as the world hated him, it will hate His followers. As I look at our history in the States, over generations, people were faithful. We’ve had many sins and mistakes as a country, but there are many who honored God, especially leaders who did this publicly.

“I think everyone can see that there has been a significant change in this area,” he says. “Many leaders in our society now—the corporate world, entertainment, media, politics and academia—do not honor God and, in fact, they openly defy Him. They are increasingly hostile to those who identify clearly with Jesus and His teaching. So I believe it has actually already started. We already see the signs here. There is a tidal wave on the horizon, and it’s coming toward us very quickly. It’s not some far-off threat.”

Brunson says there are many ways that this persecution and harassment of believers will manifest itself in America.

“One is in marginalizing, shaming and canceling people,” Brunson says. “A big issue for us in the future is how we’re going to be able to get our message out to Christians and nonbelievers. What if you’re banned from social media, or no one will host your church website or podcast?

“Then, there’s also deplatforming, especially of financial transactions,” he says. “Just think how difficult it will be to be able to use a credit card or to have a bank account, and how that would affect you in your daily life. It’s already happening to some groups.

“What happens if churches are told that, unless they change their teaching from the Bible, then they will lose their tax-exempt status and be closed down?” Brunson asks. “The thing is that those who persecute will justify their persecution by saying that we are hate groups, that what we have is a hate message of intolerance. It is very difficult to be despised and hated.”

Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, says this has already happened to his organization. In a release, Wildmon revealed that the credit card company processing the AFA’s credit card donations has ceased doing so, without warning, since the first week of December.

And Wildmon says he’s convinced, without question, the action was taken because “we are a Christian ministry, and we take public stands on moral issues.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News