NBA Foundation to Donate $2 Million in Grants to Seven Organizations Helping the Black Community

Ashley Landis/Associated Press

The NBA Foundation plans to donate $2 million in grant money to seven different organizations aimed to increase educational and economic opportunities in the Black community.

Those organizations include exaltManagement Leadership for TomorrowMarcus Graham ProjectOperation DreamTeam IncThe Knowledge House and the Youth Empowerment Project.

The NBA said those organizations align with its foundation’s mission “to provide skills training, mentorship, coaching and pipeline development for high school, college-aged, job-ready and mid-career Black men and women in communities across the United States and Canada.”

This marks the first donation the NBA Foundation has made after the league’s Board of Governors pledged this summer to donate $300 million toward the foundation. The NBA’s 30 owners plan to reach that total by giving $30 million through the next 10 years.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Mark Medina