Michael Brown on To My Prophetic Friends: You Were Either Right or You Were Wrong

This is not the time for flights of spiritual fantasy. Either the charismatic prophets who declared unanimously that Donald Trump would be reelected to a second consecutive term were right or they were wrong. Either there is going to be some last minute, seemingly miraculous intervention that overturns the vote of the electoral college, or Trump will not serve a second consecutive term.

There is no middle ground. There is no third option. There is no reality in which Trump actually did win but in fact didn’t win. Or in which he’s the president in God’s sight but not in man’s sight.

Not a chance. To entertain possibilities like this is to mock the integrity of prophecy and to make us charismatics look like total fools. (To our critics, we already do look like fools, but that’s another matter. Sometimes truth itself can seem foolish to those who reject it.)

To be clear, I myself am a charismatic, having spoken in tongues since January 24, 1972. I have even been called the leading apologist for the charismatic movement by those outside of the movement. And I am a strong believer in prophetic ministry today, having participated in it on different levels over the years.

Not only so, but some of the prophetic voices most clearly proclaiming a Trump victory (even to this moment) are respected colleagues, genuine men of God. Some are even friends. And if they end up being wrong, I will not throw them under the bus. Instead, I will do my best to meet with them, together with other leaders, and ask, “What went wrong? How could so many miss it together so badly? How could so many claim to be speaking for the Lord while at the same time misrepresenting His voice?”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown

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