Jim Denison on Are the Coronavirus Vaccines Safe? Answers to Common Questions and a Prayer for Knowledge and Discernment

NOTE: In response to my recent article on ethical issues related to the COVID-19 vaccines, many readers asked medical and practical questions about them. I am not a medical doctor and am not offering medical advice in what follows. But I hope the research I curate in today’s article is helpful as you consult with your physician and make your own decisions regarding the vaccine.

We learned this morning that French President Emmanuel Macron has tested positive for COVID-19 after experiencing symptoms and will isolate himself for seven days. He joins a host of world leaders who have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic began.

Americans are experiencing more coronavirus deaths than at any prior point in the pandemic. At the same time, the vaccines that have been authorized for use raise a host of ethical and practical issues.

In a recent article, I explored the question of abortion related to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. I am convinced that life begins at conception and abortion is wrong. (For more, see my paper, “What does the Bible say about abortion?“) However, the consensus of medical researchers and evangelical ethicists is that neither vaccine contains material obtained from aborted fetuses.

While both utilized cells from the HEK293T fetal cell line in the testing process, we cannot know if this line originated in the 1970s with an aborted fetus or a miscarriage, since the records have been lost. Evangelical ethicists note that even in the worst-case scenario, using this line (which no longer includes these original cells) does not endorse abortion any more than the apostles endorsed the Roman government by using roads it built to spread the gospel.

For today, let’s discuss several practical questions you may be asking as you consult with your physician and decide whether to receive a COVID-19 vaccine when one is available to you. Given the size and scope of this issue, I will offer brief answers to the following questions along with links to articles written by professionals in the field.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jim Denison

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