Christian Film Producer, Patrick R. Carberry, Releases First Ever Single ‘The Lord Jesus Is Coming’

“The Lord Jesus Is Coming!” is a one of a kind song that shares a blessing of hope for those who have found Christ, a trumpet call to those who have not heard the Gospel, and a loving call of encouragement and warning to those have rejected God’s saving grace.

Christian Film Producer, Patrick R. Carberry has released his first ever single ‘The Lord Jesus Is Coming’, produced by Demo My Song, a beautiful breakthrough song filled with praise and an uplifting, timely message for everyone.

“We have much to be thankful for as we celebrate the Christmas season,” exclaims Patrick Carberry, founder of Joshuacord and executive producer of the documentary Christians in the Mirror.  “We are blessed with religious freedom in the West where many others in the world are persecuted for their faith.  Their choice to follow Jesus, even though the earthly consequences may be severe, is in stark contrast to those who have turned away from God’s love.  I believe my song, The Lord Jesus Is Coming, is a reminder of the blessing we have as believers but also a wake-up call to those who have not embraced the Good News.  Many pastors and teachers get caught up teaching a prosperity or “feel good” gospel, and have forgotten to preach the true Gospel and the spiritual consequences for choosing to not follow God.”

Filled with Gospel centric inspired lyrics and sensational vocals, ‘The Lord Jesus Is Coming’ is a Gospel centered song that truly brings the Lord’s message to life.

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The music is an alluring chord progression on the piano, with gentle strings and embracive drums, and ‘The Lord Jesus Is Coming’ is sure to become a transcendent Gospel themed song for the ages.

All about the inevitable return of Jesus Christ, the lyrics resonate with the need for acceptance and love of Christ, as He will return to rule the world, fulfilling the promise of eternal life for those that believe and trust in Him.

The Lord Jesus Is Coming’ was originally written many decades ago by Carberry, but was never published until today. Now with the goal of inspiring and helping others in the Christian community, Carberry hopes it will bless all who hear and bring people closer to Christ.

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Release Date: Oct 30, 2020
Produced by Demo My Song