Christ for all Nations Leads More Than 53,000 People to Christ in Tanzania

Daniel Kolenda preaches the Gospel in Arusha, Tanzania. (Evangelist Daniel Kolenda/Facebook)

Christmas is taking on greater meaning in Tanzania. Through a five-city evangelistic crusade, Christ for all Nations has spread the Gospel through Operation Decapolis.

In November, CfaN held ministry campaigns in five cities over two weeks. Crew traveled to Arusha, Kahama, Singida, Shinyanga and Tabora to set up sound systems, market the services and welcome locals. Each campaign lasted seven days.

The grassroots approach worked.

More than 350,000 people attended the multi-city initiative, and 53,153 of them declared a first-time salvation experience. The new Christians shared their contact information, so a local church can follow up and help them begin a meaningful, lifelong walk with Jesus Christ.

Many people also reported experiencing miracles, including physical healings, spiritual deliverance, restored relationships and freedom from sin and addiction.

During the crusades, CfAN posted blogs to provide highlights of the messages and the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Evangelist Gary Smith ministered in Shinyanga, Tanzania. He wrote, “The moment I got on the first flight to Shinyanga, Tanzania, I began to weep in the presence of the Lord. During the multiple flights, I was still encountering the mighty presence of the Lord that continues to stay and has not lifted from me, nor do I want it too! Glory to God.”

This strategy to advance the Great Commission is new and involves blanketing a number of cities—up to 10 at a time—with grassroots campaigns. “Decapolis” is a Greek word meaning “10 cities.” Changing coronavirus restrictions caused the initiative to move from the planned start in Kenya to Tanzania, with half of the number of planned services.

Rather than give up, the CfaN team turned its attention to Tanzania, where the door was wide open. Still, the last-minute transition dramatically shortened the available planning time.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News