SAT-7 PARS Providing Biblical Programming to Persian Teens through Hashtag Program

Photo of Parastoo Poortaheri on Hashtag, courtesy of SAT-7.

In countries like Iran and Afghanistan, being a young Christian is very dangerous – and lonely. Access to biblical resources is extremely limited and many Christian kids and teens in these countries may not know any other believers their age.

This makes programs like Hashtag on SAT-7 PARS critical for young believers.

SAT-7’s Farsi-speaking channel, SAT-7 PARS, is a Christian satellite TV broadcast in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. All three of those countries rank on the World Watch List for Christian persecution. Iran and Afghanistan especially are in the top 10 with extreme persecution levels.

Parastoo Poortaheri is a Broadcast Officer, Presenter, and Producer with SAT-7 PARS. Their program Hashtag is aimed at Christian kids and teens ages 8 to 16.

Poortaheri says Hashtag is a mix of educational and biblical programming. “It has different parts in the program such as ‘Around The World.’ We take them every few weeks to one country or a specific place, let’s say, and just talk about that place so that they get to know the place or the area or the city of that country.”

Hashtag started running on SAT-7 PARS last year and it was well-received. They are currently on season two.

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for young Christians in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan to grow deep roots of faith.
  • Ask the Lord to use SAT-7 PARS for the growth of His Kingdom.