Poor Tribesman Brings Transformation to his People by Meeting their Spiritual Needs and Caring for their Physical and Material Well-being

Image courtesy of Christian Aid Mission.

Born to a nominally Christian family in the Philippines, Justin Galang* never thought about whether God cared for people’s physical and material well-being.

Galang assumed God must care only about heavenly things and whether people were moral or not. In his native town surrounded by thick jungle where many of the streets were dirt roads, a local missionary invited him to a Bible study. The young man was surprised as leaders talked about how the Lord cares for people’s physical and material needs, a local ministry leader said.

“This intrigued him, so he started to ask questions,” the leader said. “He was fascinated by this new teaching, which was further reinforced when the brethren distributed relief goods not only for him but for the rest of the members of his tribe.”

Having grown up in poverty, Galang began intense Scripture study of the Lord’s concern for the poor – and was so taken by what he learned that soon he felt compelled to invite his fellow tribesmen to study with him.

“At present he is leading the tribal outreach and has committed himself to a deeper relationship with the Lord and to serve Him and his tribal members,” the leader said. “God touched and convicted a nominal Christian to become a very committed leader and servant of Jesus Christ. Glory to God.”

Gospel Impact

Galang’s transformation took place in 2019, and as the tribal people committed themselves to Christ, they sought to form a fellowship. But then a series of earthquakes struck in October of that year.

“The earthquake destroyed their houses,” the leader said. “By God’s grace, the earthquake did not discourage the local missionaries from visiting the tribal brethren – indeed, they distributed relief goods from funds received by Christian Aid Mission and the brethren and conducted evangelistic activities.”

More Bible studies sprouted among tribal people who heard about Christ during the relief aid distribution, continuing into 2020 – until another disaster struck.

“Unfortunately the Bible studies were stopped because of the pandemic and the quarantine declared by authorities,” the leader said. “Consequently, follow-up with these tribal brethren was limited to telephone calls, and messages were regularly sent to them by the local missionaries.”

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Katey Hearth


  • Praise God for transformed lives in the Philippines!
  • Pray the Holy Spirit will lead nonbelieving individuals to Christ.