Here We Go: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper Signs Proclamation Honoring ‘Gender Expansive Parents’

The governor of North Carolina is facing criticism from Christian groups and praise from LGBT advocacy groups after signing a proclamation establishing “Gender Expansive Parents’ Day” as part of an effort to recognize LGBT parents.

Gov. Roy Cooper, D-N.C., who just won reelection to a second term last month, designated Dec. 6 as “Gender Expansive Parents’ Day.” “All parents, regardless of gestational relationship to a child, gender identity, or gender expression, deserve to be celebrated for the love and nurturing they give to their children,” Cooper declared.

After citing statistics showing that more than two million children have a parent that identifies as LGBT and that LGBT people are six times more likely to adopt children, Cooper maintained that “many of these LGBTQ parents also exist outside a traditional gender binary.” Additionally, he concluded that “recognition of the work and sacrifice of non-binary, agender, and other gender expansive parents, as well as that of other non-traditional primary caregivers, is key to our efforts to create a more inclusive State.”

Cooper issued the proclamation following a request from State Representative Vernetta Alston, a Democrat who represents the Durham-based District 29 in the North Carolina House of Representatives. “Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations often exclude gender-expansive parents, neglecting the valuable roles they play in the lives of their children,” Alston argued.

According to Alston, “Becoming a more inclusive state will require … making the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people more visible. This proclamation does that.” A biography featured on Alston’s website reveals that she is a member of the LGBT community, stating that “she and her wife, Courtney, are raising their two kids, Reese and Davis, in southwest Durham.”

The Christian Action League, a lobbying organization based in North Carolina, published a blog describing Cooper’s proclamation as “tragic.”

“It teaches that same-sex marriage, same-sex romance, is just as moral and healthy as heterosexual behavior – something that doesn’t match the science of our culture’s experience no matter what’s said to the contrary,” said Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League.

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Source: Christian Post