Because of 2020, DOOR International is Able to Better Serve the Deaf Next Year

(Photo courtesy of DOOR International)

Humanitarian work isn’t typically DOOR International’s forte. Rather, their ministry is known for Deaf Bible translation work and Gospel outreach to Deaf communities around the world.

But when DOOR learned about Deaf individuals and their families in Africa who were starving, they had to respond.

DOOR’s Bob Terpstra says, “Families now have their Deaf relatives back in the home with them because of the pandemic. [They] did not have the financial support…to keep everybody fed and in good health.

“So on both of our campuses, we needed to have funds so that we could actually bring food and the Word of God to these people and just be the hands and feet of Jesus. We did a little mini-campaign within the States asking for $30 to feed a family for 30 days.”

They saw a strong response to the campaign, and the outpouring of funds and support was encouraging to the African Deaf communities DOOR works with.

This is just one of the ways DOOR has continued to uplift Deaf communities this year in the midst of COVID-19.

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for the Deaf around the world to know Jesus.
  • Ask God to bless DOOR’s new initiatives to reach the Deaf with the Gospel next year.