Soccer Stars Raise Funds for Persecuted Christians through Online Charity Gala “The Goal”

Soccer players raise funds for Persecuted Christians

French Connect London, a French-speaking church in London, along with the Christian association Plus Que Sportifs, recently organised “The Goal,” an online charity gala, to raise funds for Open Doors and Holistic Sports France, organisations which help persecuted Christians.

Evangelical Focus Newsletter reports all the money collected will be used to support schooling assistance and football school projects in North Cameroon, the Maghreb and Mali, areas severely devastated after the Boko Haram massacres in the Sahel.

According to the Newsletter, the gala took place online on November 22, but included an auction of several jerseys and shoes of well-known football, handball and basketball players, which was open until December 6 and raised 12.040£ (1,055 USD; 13,300€).

“Thank you all. The amount of the 2019 gala has been greatly exceeded,” said Joel Thibault, a chaplain of player from Plus Que Sportifs and one of the organisers.

Olivier Giroud: “260 million persecuted Christians is unacceptable.”

The Chelsea FC striker Olivier Giroud gave several items, including the jersey of his 100th game for the French team, an autographed shirt for the 2020 FA Cup final against Arsenal, and two pairs of shoes, worn and also signed by the French player.

According to the Giroud, “We who are in a certain comfort must think of those who are suffering enormously, that is why I am supporting the NGO Open Doors and Holistic Sports for their magnificent work on the ground.”

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SOURCE: Assist News Service