Nearly 50 Georgia Children Possibly Exposed to Coronavirus Plague After Taking Pictures with Santa

Gazebo in Ludowici, Georgia where dozens of children had pictures taken with “Mr. and Mrs. Claus” at Long County’s Christmas parade on December 10, 2020. Three days later, the couple tested positive for COVID-19. WTOC-TV

A photo opportunity with Mr. and Mrs. Claus may have exposed nearly 50 kids in Georgia to COVID-19.

The Long County Chamber of Commerce held its annual Christmas parade Thursday in Ludowici, Georgia, over 50 miles southwest of Savannah. As usual, the parade featured an event that gave children the chance to sit on a jolly Santa’s lap for a photo.

Soon after the event, both Clauses tested positive for COVID-19, potentially exposing the 50 children who posed for photos — and their families — to the coronavirus.

In a notice posted on the Long County Board of Commissioners website Monday, board chairman Robert D. Parker confirmed the positive tests and said neither Santa or Mrs. Claus showed any symptoms at the event.

“Proper CDC exposure guidelines should be followed if your child was exposed, however I do not feel this incident is cause for panic,” he wrote.

He doubled down on his belief that the event should have proceeded, despite the pandemic reaching record cases and deaths nationwide.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Joshua Bote