Iran Alive Ministries Celebrates 10,000 Salvations Since May

In October, Iran Alive  received amazing news: they reached 10,000 salvations through their broadcast ministry since May!

To honor this joyous occasion, the ministry’s Hormoz Shariat put on his nicest clothes: “my best suit, white shirt, and red bowtie, and we celebrated on our live church broadcast.”

“In the almost 20 years of our broadcast ministry to Iran we have never seen such a rate of conversion!” Shariat told Assist News in a ministry update.

Shariat said it is apparent that Iranians are desperate to hear the Gospel. “They are depressed, and suffering under governmental control. They are looking for spirituality outside of Islam. But, we noticed an even more radical shift in the early months of 2020. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, most Iranians were confined to their homes, so our viewership increased exponentially.”

Shariat continued: “When we realized this, we declared May to be our month of evangelism, and dedicated the entire month to special broadcasts about this topic. Suddenly, salvations increased 10-20 times what they were before. We have been consistently getting 400-500 declared salvations per week since this month of evangelism!

“So, we celebrated our new family in Christ on our broadcast. We celebrated with a beautiful Christian Happy Birthday song that our worship team composed. We shared testimonies of changed lives and miracles. I reminded them all that all of heaven rejoices when even one person comes to faith in Christ. We should mirror that excitement, and that joy when we see others come to faith in Jesus!”

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SOURCE: Assist News Service