Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorists in Indonesia Use Thousands of Fake Charity Boxes to Raise Funds

A terrorist group, which wants to establish an Islamic state in Southeast Asia and was behind the 2002 Bali bombing, recently installed 13,000 charity boxes at marketplaces across the Muslim-majority country of Indonesia to trick people into funding its activities, police found.

The archipelago’s national police on Wednesday disclosed that the Jamaah Islamiyah terrorist group, which has links with al-Qaeda, had deployed charity boxes to raise funds, the U.S.-based group International Christian Concern reported, quoting local sources.

Police learned about the charity boxes after questioning 24 members of the group who had been arrested over the last two months.

“The funds collected are used to send people to Syria, to fund military training, help wanted terrorists to evade capture, and to purchase guns and explosives,” National Police spokesman Brigadier-General Awi Setiyono was quoted as saying.

Setiyono said at least 13,000 boxes were placed under the name of a charity group, called the BM ABA foundation.

While Indonesia’s police learned about it only recently, the terrorist group had apparently been raising money from the public for a long time.

Ken Setiawan, a former terrorist recruiter and founder of a deradicalization organization Islamic State of Indonesia (NII) Crisis Center, said that terrorists had been masking their fundraising efforts using charity activities in the past two decades.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Anugrah Kumar