Three Snow Leopards at Kentucky’s Louisville Zoo Infected With Coronavirus

NeeCee, one of the infected snow leopards at the Louisville Zoo. (Credit…Louisville Zoo)

Snow leopards at the Louisville Zoo are the latest animals to be infected with the coronavirus.

One female cat, NeeCee, has tested positive and two males, Kimti and Meru, are presumed positive, based on tests at a regional veterinary diagnostic center that must be confirmed at a national lab.

The cats are all showing minor symptoms of coughing and wheezing, much like the tigers and lions at the Bronx Zoo that tested positive back in April. The New York cats recovered without difficulty and the Kentucky zoo expects the snow leopards will do the same.

Domestic cats, dogs and mink have also been infected with the virus, which causes Covid-19 in people. Domestic cats and mink can transmit it to other animals. Mink are the only animals so far known to get severely ill and are the only animals known to transmit the virus back to humans.

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SOURCE: The New York Times, James Gorman