Ladies, Stop Messing With How God Made You: Salt-N-Pepa’s Sandra Denton Sues Plastic Surgeon for Messing Up Her Buttocks During Operations

Sandra Denton has sued a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon she claims pushed her to get three operations on her backside to fix the fallout from a car crash.

The 54-year-old, who is Pepa in Salt-N-Pepa, says that the accident in 2018 caused her physical discomfort by moving around her buttock implants.

Her legal filing alleges that Dr. David Sayah performed the subsequent operations so poorly she will have to have further work done, TMZ reports. has reached out to Dr. Sayah for comment.

Denton’s suit also contends that there is a probability she will never fully recover from the physical aftereffects of Dr. Sayah’s work.

The musical artist asserted that after the car crash, she wanted to have the biopolymer injections in her buttocks taken out completely.

She sought out of the services of Dr. Sayah on the basis of a referral that according to her court documents occurred in September 2019.

However, per Denton’s filing, Dr. Sayah persuaded her that being reduced to having her pre-surgery buttocks again would upset her.

Denton claims that Dr. Sayah prevailed on her to go with smaller implants rather than no implants at all – but that the subsequent liposuction was a failure.

In fact, Denton alleges, she had to have more work done to fix the effects of the liposuction Dr. Sayah performed.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Sameer Suri