U.S. Records Over 3,000 Coronavirus Plague Deaths in Just One Day, Higher Than 9/11

A body wrapped in plastic is unloaded from a refrigerated truck and handled by medical workers wearing personal protective equipment due to COVID-19 concerns

As states are registering peak numbers of COVID-19 hospitalizations, cases, and deaths, a macabre record has been passed: On Wednesday, the US’ reported daily COVID-19 deaths surpassed the number of people who died on 9/11.

According to the COVID Tracking Project, US states registered 211,027 new cases and recorded an all-time high of 102,888 new COVID-19 patients hospitalized.

There were 3,054 reported deaths related to COVID-19, which is the US’ highest single-day total to date.

An analysis by CNN, taking into account the four separate attacks on 9/11, found that 2,977 people were killed on the day.

On Wednesday, the 7-day average for COVID-19 deaths is also at an all-time high as deaths continue to rise. Today’s toll breaks the previous single-day record for COVID-19 related deaths, which was on May 7, at 2,769 deaths.

As states initially lagged with reporting due to the Thanksgiving holiday, cases, deaths, and hospitalizations are continuing to rise, with public health experts warning that through the holiday season and winter, the US could continue to see death tolls higher than 3,000 per day.

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Source: Business Insider