Florida megachurch pastor tells congregation not to take the coronavirus plague vaccine and to ‘believe in divine immunity’, claiming it will alter DNA and be used to track people while leading the way for the AntiChrist

A Florida megachurch pastor has urged his congregants against taking the COVID-19 vaccine, falsely claiming it will ‘alter your DNA’ and be used to track people down, and to ‘believe in divine immunity’ instead.

Guillermo Maldonado, who is the founding Pentecostal pastor of King Jesus International Ministry based in Miami and is an avid Trump supporter, preached conspiracies about the vaccine to his congregation on Sunday.

‘That is exactly what’s happening with COVID-19. They’re preparing the structure for the anti-Christ,’ he said in a live-streamed bilingual sermon.

‘The vaccine. They’re going to demand for you to have a vaccine in your passport and seal it. Otherwise, you will not able to travel. Because they’re preparing the way in the vaccine. [The vaccines] are made to alter your DNA,’ he added.

The FDA is slated to make its recommendation today on the Pfizer vaccine, which has already been approved in the United Kingdom and Canada.

After the recommendation the agency will decide whether to officially approve it for distribution in the US.

In his sermon Maldonado gave an example of a girl who allegedly stopped speaking after receiving the vaccine.

‘I heard of a case of a nine-year-old girl. She got the vaccine. She could speak normally, she was a normal girl. Suddenly she stopped talking. Because those vaccines are made to alter your DNA,’ he said.

‘They’re made to track you down. Do not take the vaccine. Believe in the blood of Jesus. Believe in divine immunity,’ he added.

A slew of scientists have already said that the vaccine will not change a person’s DNA.

The Pfizer vaccine works by injecting a fragment of COVID-19’s genetic material to instruct the body to produce a protein present on the surface of coronavirus. The immune system will then recognize it and produce antibodies against the protein.

In his sermon he said that God warned him about a ‘satanic global agenda’ that seeks to establish one worldwide religion and bring the Christian church under governmental control.

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Source: Daily Mail