World Missionary Press Continues Blessings for Brazil Gospel Campaign

Image courtesy of World Missionary Press

World Missionary Press continues efforts to reach a large matching grant, which would enable them to send material to partners in Brazil.

In the fall, a donor approached World Missionary Press and offered a matching grant of $110,000. Since then, the ministry has been faithfully working to reach that goal. The funds raised would be enough to cover three containers of booklets. Helen Williams of World Missionary Press explains why they chose Brazil as the location for these shipments.

“We send to Brazil every 12 to 18 months anyway, [and] we have a large network of faithful distributors who use the material. It’s all one language, [and] it’s easy to get things into Brazil,” she says.

Ready for the Good News

Williams believes that the country is more receptive to the Gospel than it may have been previously.

“We hear that there’s a new sensitivity, if you will, to eternal matters,” she says.

Through the network World Missionary Press partners have in Brazil, Williams hopes this receptiveness will equate to a great response.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Rachel Pfeiffer


  • Give to Blessing for Brazil.
  • Pray for World Missionary Press partners in Brazil.
  • Pray for smooth production and shipment of materials.