William Vanderbloemen on How to Hyper-Localize Your Mission and Message

Whether your church is open for in-person worship or is meeting solely through online platforms, the pandemic has changed the way we do church. Now that nearly every church in the world is streaming services, what will keep people engaged with your church? The answer is simple, hyper-localize your mission and message to continue connecting to your specific audience and your ministry will thrive. I sat down with Chris Seay, Pastor of Ecclesia in Houston, Texas, to discuss how being hyper-localized has strengthened their ministry and allowed them to reach people they could not have otherwise.

Ecclesia has a long history of being hyper-localized. Chris Seay founded the church after serving in Waco, Texas, for several years. Chris had a heart for the city and the people of Houston. He explained, “The city that I love is the most ethnically diverse city in the United States. If you want to impact the world, Houston, Texas is the best place to do it.” Chris set out to do just that – impact the world through Houston.

William Vanderbloemen is the CEO of Vanderbloemen. | Courtesy of William Vanderbloemen

What Does It Mean For A Ministry to be Hyper-Local?

A hyper-local ministry focuses on the immediate community that God has planted them to serve. People are looking to be a part of a ministry that speaks to their everyday life and their specific context. God has called you to your city for a reason. Use your church to engage in ministry and reach those in your community.

More importantly than just engaging your local community, it is important that churches are serving their communities. No one is better equipped to serve your city than those who are living in the midst of the specific local current events. In many communities right now, people are hurting and need the church. But not just any church; they need a church that can deeply understand and empathize with their experiences.

How can you use your city to share Christ and reach out to your community?

How Can I Create A Hyper-Localized Message?

As you try to create a message that speaks to your specific context ask yourself, “what has happened in my zip code this week and what does God’s word say about that?”. Use your city to speak God’s truth to your congregation. A hyper-localized message can be as simple as talking about the weather or local sports teams. Chris Seay explained, “when our daily conversations come back in our preaching, we are reflecting on what is really happening.” Sharing a message from God that accounts for what is going on in the context of your community will allow your members to connect with your church and feel like the message is specifically for them. Listen to what people are saying and how they are feeling and let your message reflect that.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, William Vanderbloemen