Politician Named Adolf Hitler Wins Election in Namibia but Promises ‘I’m Not Striving for World Domination’

A politician named after Adolf Hitler has won a seat at a Namibian election – but says he has no plans for world domination.

Adolf Hitler Uunona was elected with 85 per cent of the vote in the former German colony, which is still home to a small German-speaking community and where a number of streets, places and people still bear German names.

After winning the seat on the ticket of the ruling SWAPO party – which has ruled Namibia since independence from apartheid South Africa in 1990 – the politician told Bild that he had ‘nothing to do with’ Nazi ideology.

‘My father named me after this man. He probably didn’t understand what Adolf Hitler stood for,’ his namesake said.

‘As a child I saw it as a totally normal name. Only as I grew up did I understand that this man wanted to conquer the whole world.’

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Source: Daily Mail