Oscar Amaechina on The Hardship of Unreached People is Different from Christian Suffering

This is a follow-up to my last op-ed “Reaching the unreached with the Gospel only is not good enough”.

Gospel in one hand and humanitarian aid in the other have been our best strategy since our encounter with the unreached. It is scripturally grounded, morally upright and strategically perfect.

Apostle James encouraged Christians to be sensitive to the plight of their fellow brethren by practically meeting the needs of the less privileged. Instead of expressing faith and blessing them with words of prayers only, he enjoined believers to practically demonstrate the love of Christ by deeds of compassion. According to him, faith without works is dead. (James 2:15-17)

Jesus showed compassion to the people that he preached the Gospel to; he provided food to those listening to His teachings and was moved with compassion to minister healing to their bodies. The Gospel of Christ is holistic; it is for the body, soul and spirit. We shall do no less than what Jesus did. It will amount to negligence and insensitivity for a preacher of the Gospel to see a naked a woman and preach the Gospel to her and abandon her nakedness.

Preaching the Gospel alone could be good enough to save their souls but it will be better if we minister to their bodily well-being as well. I sincerely do understand that the Gospel is what is needed to transform lives and prepare converts for eternity, but several times I have been moved to tears at the dehumanizing status of the unreached. Whether they will make heaven under such status is not debatable, they will surely make heaven.

Courtesy of Oscar Amaechina

I am a strong proponent of Christian suffering and have made it clear in my book and teachings that the call to Christianity is the call to suffer for Christ, the Gospel and the Kingdom of God.  But it is obvious that the unreached are not suffering for any of these but because of marginalization, rejection and man’s inhumanity towards man. Is it not better if we see these people as the least of Christ’s brothers and minister foods, drinks, clothes, etc. as Jesus enjoined us?

Some people criticize evangelical organizations that do not provide help without accompanying evangelization. We are convinced that the greatest gift that we can give to any man is to introduce Jesus to him. Every other gift should be geared towards fostering proximity of the recipients to Christ. In all interventions, we let the target group know that all we come with are given to us by Christ to give to them. In one of our meetings some women came to us and told us to ask Jesus to visit their village.

According to them “we want to know him and thank him for all the things that he has sent to us through you.” There is a video on our website about a wife of the chief priest of an idol in one of our remote mission fields whom we met with leaf covering her pubic region. She and her husband used swords to chase us round the village and stopped us from having access to the people.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Oscar Amaechina