WATCH: German Shepherd Runs for Cover while Being Chased Around by a Mob of Corgi Puppies

Leave me alone! German shepherd scurries for cover while being chased around by a mob of Corgi puppies

German shepherds are usually known for their courage and guarding instincts, but this one in China might not be as tough as she looks.

The three-year-old German shepherd named ‘Happy’ was filmed scurrying for cover while having a scary encounter – with a mob of Corgi puppies.

Footage shows the majestic canine looking shocked and nervous as she tried to run away from the barking pups as they chased her.

Ms Wang, Happy’s owner and a dog trainer, told MailOnline that her pet had a naturally timid personality and was taught to avoid being hostile towards others.

The amusing scene was recently featured on Chinese news outlets after the pet owner shared the footage in September last year on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok.

Ms Wang from eastern China’s Changzhou city said the incident occurred when she was walking her German shepherd with her friends outside the residential compound she lived.

‘We were waiting for some friends outside my complex,’ she told MailOnline. ‘A bunch of Corgis suddenly rushed out of a pet store nearby.’

In the footage filmed by Ms Wang’s friend, the on-leash canine is seen trying to escape from the army of puppies as they followed and barked at her.

Shocked by the mob’s ‘attack’, Happy scurried for cover as she scampered back and forth to dodge the Corgis that chased her relentlessly.

She then ran to hide between Ms Wang’s legs, seemingly hoping to seek protection from her owner, while the shop workers tried to grab the puppies and calm them down.

The owner explained that her German shepherd, who is naturally timid, had been trained to be friendly towards others.

‘She has always been quite timid,’ Ms Wang, 26, said. ‘Ever since she was a puppy, I always taught her to not be hostile towards others.

The owner explained that her German shepherd, who is naturally timid, had been trained to be friendly towards others. Ms Wang is pictured with her pet German shepherd Happy

‘I thought the Corgis were really cute. I was glad to see that Happy did not attack them and kept trying to avoid them,’ Ms Wang added.

The video also melted hundreds of thousands of web users who were touched by Happy’s reaction.

One viewer wrote: ‘What a kind-hearted dog. She was running away to avoid stepping on the puppies.’

Another commenter said: ‘The German shepherd was being so gentle to them. She didn’t make any sounds so that she wouldn’t scare them off. They are all so adorable.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Emilia Jiang