Wilton Gregory Becomes the First Black American Cardinal; We Hope That He Has Been Thoroughly Investigated and Vetted and That Their is No Homosexuality, No Sodomite Activity, and No Molested or Raped Children in His Background

Rome (CNN)For the past week, Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Washington, DC, was holed up in a Vatican guesthouse, receiving meals at his door.

On Saturday, Gregory stepped out of his quarters and into history, becoming the Catholic Church’s first African American cardinal during an installation ceremony in Rome.

Gregory was one of 13 men — and the only American — elevated to the College of Cardinals during Saturday’s ceremony. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, two of the bishops were not in Rome for the ceremony, another first in church history, according to Vatican News.

In keeping with the Pope’s concerns for Catholics who have been historically marginalized, the other new cardinals include men from Rwanda, Brunei, Chile and the Philippines.

Gregory, 72, already the highest-ranking African-American Catholic in US history, told CNN this week that he has been praying, writing homilies and letters to well-wishers, and reflecting on his new role.

“It’s been a time to thank God for this unique moment in my life and in the life of the church in the United States,” Gregory said. “I hope it’s a sign to the African American community that the Catholic Church has a great reverence, respect and esteem for the people, for my people of color.”

As a Cardinal, Gregory will be one of the Pope’s closest advisers and one of only 120 or so men who will elect the next pontiff. Before Francis chose Gregory as Archbishop of Washington last year, he also served as a bishop in Belleville, Illinois, and in Atlanta. He was born in Chicago to parents who were not Catholic, but converted to Catholicism while attending a parochial school.

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Source: CNN