USCIRF Condemns Islamic Mob Violence in Pakistan

An angry mob gathered after burning Christian houses in Lahore, Pakistan, on Saturday. Credit…K.M. Chaudary/Associated Press

Last week, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) condemned the surge of Islamic mob violence in Pakistan. Their target — other Muslims.

Because of Pakistan’s blasphemy law, Sunni Muslims are accusing minority Shia Muslims of blasphemy — even when there is no evidence. Ahmadis, a particular Muslim sect, also fall in the mob crosshairs.

Nehemiah* with FMI explains why. “Muslim scholars in Pakistan have all declared war against these Ahmadis and Shias. They think because of these sects, the image of Islam has been damaged in the entire world, especially in Pakistan.”

Although Pakistan doesn’t officially have Sharia law, if you’re jailed for blasphemy against Islam, there is no promise of bail and no assurance of a proper investigation.

“Pakistan is an entirely different Islamic country than other Muslim countries in the world,” Nehemiah says. “Pakistan is more, you can say, hard on Islamic issues…. These Islamic organizations run the country with [the] military.”

While Shia Muslims make up at least five percent of Pakistan’s population, Pakistani Christians account for less than one percent.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Taylor Benson


  • Pray for Pakistani Muslims to stop in-fighting and to know Jesus as their Savior.
  • Ask God to protect Christians in Pakistan and grow their Gospel witness.