Jerry Wiles on Sharing Jesus in the Workplace

Boardrooms can be Places for Jesus Conversations, Bible Studies, Story Groups and Disciple Making

In the Spring of 1971, as students at Union University and newly-weds, my wife and I moved from Jackson, TN to Akron, OH for a summer job. (I was selling books and leading a team of college students with The Southwestern Company). Then, in the Fall we moved to Murfreesboro, TN and enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University.  This was during a season known as the Jesus Movement, or the Asbury Revival.  It was a turbulent time, as well as a spiritually transformational season for many of us.  We had the opportunity of making lots of new friends and had some amazing experiences.  One of the couples we got to know was a businessman and his wife who had recently had a life changing encounter with the Lord.  They were excited about Jesus and were actively sharing Him with others.  Their faith was contagious.  The Lord greatly used them in influencing our spiritual lives and walk with God.  In many ways they were models and mentors to us. We also began sharing our faith and seeing others come to Christ.

Better Caught, than Taught

We have often heard the phrase, “Our faith in Christ is sometimes better caught, than taught.”  It is true that what others see in our lives is often more impactful than what we say.  Sharing Jesus in the workplace should be about the outworking of the indwelling Christ. Scripture tells us that it’s out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  The way we treat people is often more important than what we tell them.  However, our witness and ministry should be both showing and sharing our life in Christ.  In the context of the mission of Living Water International and many other similar faith-based organizations, the focus is on integral mission, or wholistic ministry.  People need to have a demonstration of the love of God, as well as a proclamation of the Good News of Jesus.

Life, Character and Power

Sharing Jesus in the workplace can apply to our own workplace, as well as the workplace of others.  In reality, sharing Jesus should start with those who are closest to us, our families, neighbors and closest friends and associates.  A foundational truth is a realization of who we are in Christ, and who He is living in us.  As a result of our spiritual new birth and union with Christ, we are new creations, made righteous and are complete in Him.  We are ambassadors of Christ, ministers of reconciliation, and have been giving the message of reconciliation.  We have also been given all things that pertain to life and godliness in Him. Knowing the truth about us gives us the capacity to act on that truth and demonstrate it to those around us.  When considering our true purpose and identity, God’s ultimate intention for each of us is to be an extension of His life, expression of His character and an exhibit of His power.

The Power of Word and Deed

Over the years I’ve heard people say something like, “I just witness by my life.”  That’s great and our incarnational witness is important.  However, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.  So, at some point we need to communicate the truth of the gospel.  That can take on many forms of expression.  Sharing tracts, gospel literature and Scripture portions have been effective with many coming to faith.  However, word of mouth, telling our story (testimony) and God’s story is really more universal and appropriate in many cases.  Biblical storytelling and other oral art forms are gaining attention and momentum around the world.  It’s returning to the most basic and the most effective ways that people have learned and communicated since the beginning of time.  Again, it’s our witness in word and deed that enables us to effectively share Jesus in the workplace, and in any place.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service