Horizons International Brings Christ’s Hope and Humanitarian Aid in Wake of Beirut Explosion

Photo courtesy of Horizons International

Lebanon has been hit by not only the pandemic but also political corruption and the explosion in the capital this year. Horizons International sees this as an opportunity to spread Christ’s hope.

“2020 has really affected cin a unique way,” Pierre Houssney, Executive Director at Horizons International, says. “Not only did we have the political crisis that caused the economic collapse that was also further made worse by the pandemic and now the explosion. So what we’re trying to do is be the voice of Christ, be the hands and feet of Christ for anybody that we can, giving personal care for them, sharing the Gospel, and then also trying to administer as much humanitarian aid in the Name of Jesus as we can.”

Horizons International has staff and volunteers providing food, helping with rebuilding and repair, and equipping churches with resources to minister online. In addition to this, Horizons has launched a sustainability plan.

“We’re trying to move beyond short-term solutions or the band-aids of giving out humanitarian relief. We’re finding that short-term relief is ultimately not enough to get them on their feet,” Houssney says. “So what we’re trying to do is create this asset in land so that we can secure a sustainable, local food source that can be feeding people for years to come, rather than just the traditional relief part of just giving out aid.”

Horizons International’s goal is to not only provide aid to those affected by the explosion in Beirut and the Coronavirus but also to evangelize and bring the hope of salvation to them.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Anna Deckert


  • Pray for those affected by the explosion in Beirut
  • Pray for the economic turmoil caused by the explosion and pandemic
  • Consider donating to Horizon International’s Lebanon Crisis Fund