Gospel for Asia’s ‘Forgotten Christmas’ Campaign Showers Life-Changing Gifts On World’s Poor

Last year, supporters of Forgotten Christmas purchased life-changing gifts, including cows and goats, for over 260,000 of the poorest families in Asia.

With Christmas spending in the U.S. on target to hit a trillion dollars this year, a leading humanitarian agency is urging Americans not to forget the world’s poor.

“For hundreds of millions of children across Asia, Christmas is a time when they’re forgotten,” said K.P. Yohannan, founder of Gospel for Asia (GFA World, www.gfa.org).

The Texas-based organization has launched its Forgotten Christmas campaign (www.ForgottenChristmas.org) — an effort to “bring back the true meaning of Christmas and give hope to others.”

Last year, through Forgotten Christmas and GFA’s Christmas Gift Catalog, over 260,000 life-changing gifts were given to some of the poorest families in Asia — gifts such as chickens, goats and sewing machines that help lift families out of extreme poverty. On the website, people can order a free Christmas gift catalog and watch an inspiring video.

“For so many children in Asia, this Christmas morning will be like any other day — scavenging through trash piles for scraps and anything they can recycle, just to help feed their family,” Yohannan said.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service