Bethlehem Bible College Hopes to Raise Funds in December Through Giving Tuesday

Educational institutions are among organizations hit hard by the pandemic. Bethlehem Bible College hopes to raise necessary funds through Giving Tuesday.

Universities across the U.S. have faced financial trouble as a result of COVID-19, and many colleges around the world are no different. Marianne Smith of Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine explains that the university was particularly hard hit because of its sources of income.

“About 30% of our overall income is locally generated, and that comes primarily from tourism. The shutdown in March [has] not opened up [for tourism] yet, [and] probably won’t be opened up until sometime next year,” she says.

With this in mind, Smith hopes that Giving Tuesday can help. Giving Tuesday is a movement started in 2012 that encourages people to do good. It is recognized the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is the perfect time to give to people and nonprofits in need.

Smith hopes gifts this year can help the university compensate for the shortfall in tourism income so they can continue their unique mission.

An Intentional Institution

Bethlehem Bible College is a very strategic institution, beginning first with its location.

“We operate from Bethlehem and the West Bank, so all of Palestine, and then we also have additional online programs that reach out to Arab students around the world,” Smith says.

The university is also unique because of the accessibility it offers students.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Rachel Pfeiffer


  • Give to support Bethlehem Bible College.
  • Pray that the college’s donation campaign will be successful.